15 February 2010

House Mouse Birthday.

Forgot my S i L's birthday this Valentine's Day so had to make a quickish card for her. I resorted to my House Mouse decoupage and came up with this one. I mucked it up a bit as the two little mice at the front should have been separate but the silicon glue smudged (I hate it!) and they were in the wrong place when it dried and I had to peel them off! Luckily I'd missed a layer out anyway in my rush so used this over the top. Unfortunately their little tails were loose but I hadn't time to fiddle so I have a many tailed mouse!! I hadn't the heart to chop them off! It looked ok straight on, lol! The flowers are beautiful, though, I love them. They are from Orchid Crafts. More pearls on this one too!

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  1. beautiful I love the glamoured flowers too!
    Samantha :0)


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