21 February 2010

The Men in my Life!

Our Matt - he's single at the moment girls!
Matt and Harry.
Matt looking cool! Harry with the camera - he took more than me!

Trafalgar Square and China Town.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Westminster Abbey.

More London Eye!

Me and Matt!
Our Matt!
Me again!
Harry took this one - he's the arty one!!

London Eye.

At the top!

London Eye!

We went on the London Eye, it was so funny as Matt and Harry jumped on really quick as it keeps moving but there was a chap infront of me who was dallying about with a pushchair. Every time I went to step on he was in the way - I ended up running along and then diving for the gap. It was really funny - I had visions of me ending up in the Thames!! lol

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge.

London - part4!

Harry in Piccadilly
A Pharoah! Me and Harry enjoying the British Museum!! lol
The Great Hall in the British Museum.

London - part3!

Bo Derrik!!
Matt's Building! Matt's building from the side.
Looking back!

This is the tower our Matthew works in. Canary Wharf is an amazing place, there are loads of shops but they're all underneath the towers. There must be loads of money there as all the tower blocks are very swanky and there are loads of designer shops.

London -part 2!

One of the many squares.
Our hotel - back right. Another view of the square - there were 4 big round white lights and a fountain in the middle. The view opposite the hotel .

Another view from ouside of the hotel. It was spectacular at night. Heaven's knows what the energy consumption of the whole Docklands area is, though!