31 August 2009


Natural to the alpine area around the glacier were these funny animals. We managed to see an adult and a baby. They are mammals and were about the size of small dogs. I believe they are known as large ground squirrels - could these be long lost relatives of our dear Squirrel?!!


On the Ice!

The lift goes half-way down to the glacier.
Harry took some photos while he was on the ice.
Can you see the people in the middle of the photo?
I zoomed in on people down on the glacier, the crevases were huge close up but just looked like little cracks from above!

The Pasterze Glacier and Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

No not the Kaiser - my hubby!!
The glacier and visitors centre are at the end of the mountain pass. We had a couple of hours here to explore.
The Pasterze Glacier.

There were old mining tunnels running along the glacier so I walked up a few of these to get a closer view while Harry got even closer by going down the little cliff railway to the ice itself. There was a bit of a walk back so in the thinner air I didn't fancy the exercise!!


Day Two - The Grossglockner and The High Alpine Road.

You can see the road going round the top of this hill. The little building was a chapel to those people who lost their lives building the road. A view from the coach. A bridge on the road.
Looking down the valley from the coach window!

The Grossglockner mountain at 3798m is the highest mountain in Austria and in prominence the second highest in the Alps behind Mount Blanc! It's like a pyramid on the Toblerone boxes!!The road is 48km long and has 36 bends and rises up to 2504m!! It was a bit scary in parts as there were no barriers to stop you falling off but the views were superb!!

You can find out more here:


Zell Am See - town.

We pottered around the town later on. The church was beautiful and what trip to Austria is not complete without a visit to an Austrian Patisserie!! The cakes and breads were wonderful!! lol! I'd eaten the cake before I thought about photographing it!!

More views above Zell Am See.

In the winter this would all be under meters of snow, how beautiful would it be then!
More views from the mountain. The weather was glorious, we took our fleeces and raincoats but never took them off the coach!
There were even people hang gliding up here too.

Our first day out - Zell Am See.

Being a coach tour we had organised excursions which was the best bit about the holiday and our reason for choosing a coach trip - no driving at all!

Our first view of the Alps came on our way to Zell Am See , a beautiful town named after the lake it sits by. A lake cruise was included and then free time to explore.

My lovely husband!

The boat and me on the lake cruise! The lake water is drinkable apparently but we didn't like to find out!

We chose to take a cable car ride to the mountain above the town for the views.

Zell Am See from the top of the mountain behind!

A view from the top.

The view looking down from the cable car!

30 August 2009

Our Hotel - Alpenhof in Brixem im Thale

We went all the way to Austria on a coach!! Travelled through France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg!! It sure was a long way but the journey was broken by an overnight stop in France. Still we were pretty stiff when we arrived in Brixem - a lovely liittle town in the Tirol, Austria.
Our balcony was just above the circle on the left !
The grounds at the front - they laid on a barbeque night here!
This is my hubby- on the day we came home!
These are the views from our balcony in our room. Superb views to wake up to. One morning was really misty and the mist just hung across the valley.

It was so quiet and peaceful, I don't think I heard one siren, not like home at all!
Brixem only had a few shops (a super bakery!) and a train station but I can imagine it would be heaving in winter having two cable car runs and ski slopes.