30 August 2009

Our Hotel - Alpenhof in Brixem im Thale

We went all the way to Austria on a coach!! Travelled through France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg!! It sure was a long way but the journey was broken by an overnight stop in France. Still we were pretty stiff when we arrived in Brixem - a lovely liittle town in the Tirol, Austria.
Our balcony was just above the circle on the left !
The grounds at the front - they laid on a barbeque night here!
This is my hubby- on the day we came home!
These are the views from our balcony in our room. Superb views to wake up to. One morning was really misty and the mist just hung across the valley.

It was so quiet and peaceful, I don't think I heard one siren, not like home at all!
Brixem only had a few shops (a super bakery!) and a train station but I can imagine it would be heaving in winter having two cable car runs and ski slopes.

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  1. Gorgeous Sue - Looks beautiful!

    Ben & Ceri went to Austria by coach a few years ago. I'd be ok with the 'getting there' bit as that's all part of the holiday, but I think I'd be murder coming home!
    Everytime I'm on my way home from holiday I wish I had some Floo powder! (thing is I tell people, and some give me really odd looks - they must think I mean drugs or something!!!)

    Carol x


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