31 August 2009

Day Two - The Grossglockner and The High Alpine Road.

You can see the road going round the top of this hill. The little building was a chapel to those people who lost their lives building the road. A view from the coach. A bridge on the road.
Looking down the valley from the coach window!

The Grossglockner mountain at 3798m is the highest mountain in Austria and in prominence the second highest in the Alps behind Mount Blanc! It's like a pyramid on the Toblerone boxes!!The road is 48km long and has 36 bends and rises up to 2504m!! It was a bit scary in parts as there were no barriers to stop you falling off but the views were superb!!

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  1. WOW! Not sure I'd have been looking out of the coach window with those drops! Not too bad in a car - but don't think I'd fancy going up those steep windy roads in a coach!!!

    Great views tho!

    Carol x


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