24 February 2011

Less is More - Challenge - Spring #2

Thanks for all the comments on my last card, I appreciate all the constructive ones - I didn't like that card much either although I was pleased with the colouring.  This is the one I did first before that one - I didn't like the painting on this one or my handwriting  so left off before I'd finished it so it's a bit less fussy.  What do you think, I'm really not that pleased with either and reckon the daisies would look best on their own!!  I do love the stamp though!


  1. Hi again Sure
    I thought I was seeing things then lol
    I do think this is better, but, agree wholeheartedly that the daisies would look better on their own
    It#s great you think so
    Thank you for taking the trouble to post an alternative
    Hope to see you again
    mandi "Less is More"

  2. Thanks for showing us this Sue, I'm just delighted to read how you are pursuing different avenues with the aim of CAS perfection.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head here where you said just the daisy and a sentiment would be best. (That's a great image by the way!)
    It's so hard to let go of the way one has always done things, cards with lots of layers and embellishments are a totally different ball game... but you'll do it!
    "Less is More"

  3. Oh Sue, I am so glad I am not the only one who ended up with two cards for this challenge! I do like your second one more, those daisies are beautiful and you've done a great job with them. This LIM lark is definitely challenging but I am so pleased to see some familiar faces having a go with me! Hugs, Sxxxx

  4. I do prefer this one - not so busy. (I would go even further and leave out the daisy in the corner.) It is a beautiful stamp though.

  5. I like this one but have to agree would prefer the daisies on their own, this is such a beautiful stamp I don't think it needs anything else as it can stand alone quite happily.
    Jenny x

  6. Love the way you've done a before and after version of this card! I prefer this one too. Lots of people think that CAS is a cop-out but it's definitely not!

  7. Hi Sue, Love the daisies and the simplicity of this card. x

  8. Sue those flowers are so gorgeous I also think they would look good on their own with just the sentiment - the focus would then be on them - and what's wrong with your painting and the handwriting - they look fine! (I print my sentiments directly onto the card blank tho as my handwriting is really awfull on a card front!)

    Carol x

  9. I looove daisies on this card!
    Great work!
    Simple,elegant and beautiful!

  10. You've cracked it, I bet you feel better too, I know I did when I redid mine. It's a lovely card

  11. I think you`ve done a grand job Sue and I love the way you have embossed the centre.


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