22 May 2010

Confessions of a lapsed blogger!!

Hi folks, feeling very guilty as I've not been here at all this month especially since I discovered the joys of owning a Cricut and Gypsy. I have been doing things and will endeavour to put some of them on here for you to see. I'm also feeling guilty as I've had a small op this week (Thurs) and have been given a sick note for two whole weeks by the surgeon!! I think he just signed what the nurse put in front of him!! I don't feel I can take all this time off school but it will be half term in a week anyway! Thinking of all the lovely time I could spend crafting though, oh decisions, decisions!! lol

Anyway I have a few photos to upload and a few cards to add so will go and sort them out and get them on here as soon as possible. It's a gorgeous day here in the Midlands too, let's hope that's the start to a great summer. Incidentally Blackpool have just been promoted into the Premiership, well done Seasiders!

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