9 April 2010

Time for some cards!

It's been so long since I've been here and I haven't made that many cards either lately!! I'm on Easter break from school this week and next and am determined to have a craft day. Trouble is I have a 'to do' job list as long as both my arms and I've had a week off so far and hardly done anything. The idea was to do my jobs this week and then craft next but I've not done either yet!! It's been beautiful weather, have done some washing and 'one' of the ironing piles so far. I had two piles of ironing, I just hate it so when one pile started falling over I started a new one - dreadful eh!! lol. Have managed to make a couple or so cards, though, so am putting them on here.

The first is a large card I made for a lad at work for everyone to sign - he was 18 but I photographed it before I'd put the number on! The image is from Crafty Computer Paper's Men's Card Kits cd. I made it into a penny slider card.

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  1. Great card Sue - love how you've put the sentiment across the ball.

    Carol x


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