9 April 2010

Foxy Interlude!

We haven't seen any of the garden foxes since November last year until this week when one of them appeared twice in the garden. It seems to be suffering from a bad case of mange although it looks like some hair is growing back. I have got some homeopathic treatment from a pharmacy recommended by 'The Fox Project'. I got it before Xmas but the foxes disappeared!! I have to leave out honey sandwiches at night with the drops on but so far they've been eaten by the pigeons!! I really hope that it will help our little friend!


  1. Oh bless I hope the drops work! Fingers crossed!

  2. OMG Sue you are going to have the funniest looking pigeons in the country!!!

    Poor little mite looks 'ruff' ...I know, foxes don't 'ruff' ...sorry!

    I hope he eventually gets some of the honey sarni's

    Carol x

  3. I hope it takes the treatment and gets better. We used to have a few foxes visit on the old railway embankment at the back of our house to come to be fed, some of them also had mange and I put out the drops in jam sandwiches for them. I haven't seen any around for a while now but know they still visit as the neighbours have seen them at 6am in the morning.


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