25 April 2010

A4 Birthday - Cliff!

This is a commision for work - a large A4 card for a colleague's birthday. She loves Cliff so I used a photo for the decoupage and the background. I used the Cricut to cut out the words - they are in silver so don't show that much on the photo. It says 'Cliff says happy 60th birthday Janice.' I love making 'bespoke' cards for people rather than gereral ones.


  1. Great card for your colleague who is a Cliff fan. I also made one recently for a colleague of mine who was 50 and also a Cliff fan. She loved it, you're welcome to check it out on my cardmaking blog if you like.

    Can I ask if you love your Cricut? I've been watching them present it on Create and Craft and I am very tempted to buy, although I already have a Wishblade which I find difficult to get to grips with.

  2. I just love the Cliff-inspired a4 card. You do have a great talent. Keep it up.


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