12 June 2009

This Is What I Saw This Morning!

Hanging out by the pond!
Ooo here's a frog!
That was tasty!
Wonder if I can sneak up on Mum! Hi Mum!

They are still appearing on a regular basis and were stalking around the garden this morning when me and hubby got up for work. Little blighters nicked a frog from the pond and ate it between them - perhaps they're French foxes (frogs legs for breakfast!). The mum had a bird as well earlier. It's so sad to see that but I suppose that's how nature works. I think I may call the RSPCA soon and see what they advise. We don't put any food scraps out as we're hoping they'll move on soon and we don't want to encourage them.



  1. aah they do look really settled in your garden, x carol

  2. Wow Sue they are gorgeous! Have you names them yet!
    Carol x


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