16 June 2009

Fox News Tuesday 16th - daily update - Shock Horror!!

Got up this morning (Tuesday 16th) to find that there were now three foxes in the garden!! I think Mum has been courting during the night and has brought 'him' home to view her des res!!!! We are panicking now as we don't want any more!! I forgot to ring the RSPCA today but must really try to do it before we get every fox in the city here!! The new one was quite a lot larger than the other two. I don't think the Mum is all that old herself. Talk about 'fairies' at the bottom of the garden!! lol I've never had so many photos of foxes!!


  1. Wow - you're popular Sue! lol
    We have 2 foxes that regularly visit us....usually just to sleep, although they did once have a game of football! lol
    Helen x

  2. They must be spreading the word via the fox-line, that if they visit you they get their 15 mins of fame in blogland!

    They are gorgeous tho!

    Carol x


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