8 January 2014

First Card Of 2014 !

Well, after much oomphing and ah-ring I've finally got my picture uploader to work.  I've been using Firefox as my search engine but when I went to use 'upload a photo' on blogger it wouldn't come up, just an error message.  So having decided to blog again I was quite miffed to find it didn't work.  I have a school blog too so am pleased/relieved to find that it works on Google Chrome.
So my first card of the year is an 8 x 8 inch card for my Aunt's 80th Birthday next week.

I cut everything out using the Cameo.  I used Anna Marie's white stamping card but found that it left a lot of snags (probably being coated card) so if anyone knows anything better I would be grateful. I had the blade setting on 10 and the speed on 3 as it's very intricate but even then not all the cuts were clean. I like using a thickish card as it's more substantial.
The roses are from the Silhouette Store and the heart layers, butterflies and middle frames are by Tina Fallon at CraftsUPrint. The sentiment is made from a font on my computer, that's why I love the Cameo, the freedom to design for yourself. I've raised all the layers on foam pads to add more dimension. The butterflies are glittered with diamond sparkle glitter (it doesn't really show on the photo).. 
I did think about entering this into a challenge but haven't decided yet which ones I will do this year, I think I'll aim for just a couple to begin with so that I'll be able to keep it up! We will see.  Thanks for looking!

p.s.  Thanks for the Xmas card Squirrel and your lovely comment xxxxx

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