27 July 2010

Retirement Card

This is a HUGE A3 card (it's even slightly bigger than that!) which I made for all the staff at my school to sign for a teaching assistant colleague who retired this summer. I used a photograph of the school hall as a background for the staff. The teaching staff are on the front and the support staff on the back (there are two missing hence the gap on the right, I've added them since). Can you spot me on the back? lol

I photographed everyone in school and then asked my Yr6 class to draw everyone. I printed out the photos and then stuck them to the bodies and cut them out. It really made me giggle seeing how we all came out. There is definitely some artistic licence at work here!! The finished card was trimmed with gold ribbon.

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  1. this is superb,bet she loved it,what a great idea,x


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