26 July 2010

Colin Car

Here's the third wedding item I made recently. There are 3 staff members getting married this summer in our school. This is my second Colin Car from Arty Farty and this time it's in West Ham Utd colours for our Deputy Head. He liked it so much he's going to put it on the top table at the wedding! It's decorated with flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts.


  1. Yes, I love the Arty Farty Colin Car template - it's a shame that I lost mine when I moved - I wish I could get it back

    If you wouldnt mine sharing - email me jayc_my@yahoo.com - I would love to make one for my aunt and uncle who has their wedding anniversary coming up soon..

  2. Hi Sue,
    Can you let me know how big in dimensions are the Arty farty Colin car once it has been completed?


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