13 September 2009

I've got an Award!!

My lovely crafty friend Carol has nominated me for this award. I don't think I am half as worthy as Carol, check out her blog http://caroljenks.blogspot.com/ if you've never been there, it's so inspiring.
Well, to accept this award I've got to think of 7 things that you might not know about me which could be a little tricky as I can't think of 3 interesting things, let alone 7!!
Here goes:
1. I don't like fruit, salad or vegetables and only really eat, peas, carrots, sweetcorn and potatoes without whinging!
2. I'd love to be a vegetarian but would struggle because of the above reasons!!
3. I've signed the official secrets act!
4. I don't like flying but have been up in a Hercules transport plane over the Severn Bridge!
5. I've only been abroad for 13 days of my life!
6. I have ridden a bike to work for the past 15 years!
7. My Mum's cousin is married to Colin Firth's uncle! (Never met him though, more's the pity!!)
Well that seemed like confession time and they aren't 'that' interesting I'm afraid - I lead a very quiet life lol!!
Thanks again for the award Carol,

1 comment:

  1. Your more than welcome for the award Sue - you deserve it! Thanks :)

    Your facts are very interesting - Love the Hercules one......that sounds like FUN!

    If we went for lunch we'd be ok with the veggie thing - although you'd have to have my pea's and I'd have your sprouts!

    Carol x


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