2 September 2009

Hansi Hinterseer!

While we were in Kitzbuhel we knew that Hansi Hinterseer would be performing that night in the stadium. What we didn't know was that he would be doing a 'fanwandering' at the top of the mountain! When we got out of our cable car it was like being royalty as there were thousands of people, tele cameras etc all lined up waiting for him. It turned out he was two cable cars behind us!! There were 10,000 or so people on the mountain and areas were set up with speakers and he sang to them then led them off across the hills where he sang again. We came back down when they'd gone after we'd taken our photos before all 10,000 arrived back at the cable car to go down. Harry got some video of him but to tell the truth he wasn't that good a singer!! He used to be a skier and is as famous in Austria as David Beckham is in the UK!! He wasn't that bad looking though, for a 54yr old!!

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  1. Oooh! You lucky, lucky person...I love his music (I know sad person!)


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