12 July 2009

Don't Laugh!

My class went to Drayton Manor theme park on Friday so here's a pic of me and our Rachel to prove we went! We had a great day, the weather was fine especially after all the rain of the previous week. I went on Stormforce 10 for the first time but had my eyes shut on the steep bits lol!! We got drenched. We scared a few in the haunted house but the kids really enjoyed themselves which was the main thing!


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  1. So where's the photo of you on Stormforce then!

    I love rollercoasters & have bungi-jumped but you would NOT get me in a haunted house! If I had to go on a ghost train it would be with my eyes closed whilst screaming! Weird seeing as the 'after-life' doesn't bother me! I must've had a horrid teacher who scared me when on a school trip once ;)

    Will have a catch up on your blog tonight :)

    Carol x


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