14 April 2009

Bank Holiday Adventure!

We walked all the way round!
Fancy seeing these, they're Alpacas btw!
How cuddly do they look?
Two more strange animals!
Cormorants and Alpacas!!
Well, thought I might share some more of my photos with you. Yesterday me, hubby and Rachel thought we'd have a little ramble as it was a nice day. We ended up at Draycote Water , a lake/reservoir about 10 miles from us here. I thought it would be a nice little walk around, turned out it was 5 miles all the way round!! Am a bit stiff today but I suppose it'll pay off in the long run, at least it was flat and the '99' at the end of it was very welcome!


  1. Ooh Sue it looks lovely - better than the day I had ironing lol!! I ahve a little something for you on my blog :-)
    Pauline x

  2. Just a little stroll then?

    Looks gorgeous :)

    Carol x


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