29 March 2009

And today's garden visitor is.........

Foxy Chops!!
This little foxy was in our garden at about 11ock this morning, soaking up the sun. He decided to leave when he noticed he was on candid camera. Poor thing didn't look too well, though, so glad he didn't stay long. He was definitely underweight and scraggy. Usually they are tucked up somewhere at this time of the day. Still apart from the germs etc it's nice to see a bit of wildlife in a city garden!


  1. Awww...we have a family of foxes that likes to sunbathe in our garden too!
    Helen x

  2. Aww, Bless!
    As I've said plenty of times - the only wildlife we get in our garden are Seagulls! Oh, and the occasional family member ;)
    Carol x

  3. Wow that is just SOO cute!
    pauline x

  4. Oh foxy loxy!! Cool but hmmmm! yes can see your point about if it was ill! very unsual to see one in the bright light of day like that!

    Glad squirrel was in hiding! :0)

  5. Oh wow yes rather odd seeing one in the bright lights of day! Foxes are so pretty too! shame this one was not to well! ekkk! glad he didn't stay long! and also Glad squirrel was in hiding!! :0)

  6. Awww....how cute does he look! Lovely pics, it is fairly unusual to see them about in broad day light so it probably was poorly :0(
    That said, I have see a great big fox calmly stroll across our lawn on several occasions in the middle of the day.
    Kaz xx

  7. What great pics you manage to get. I noticed today that you had joined my blog and I just wanted to say welcome and hope you'll pop back soon. Any idea, views or comments you have are always appreciated so feel free to join in. BFN ikki

  8. how cute,hope it gets better soon,but best to avoid


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