5 February 2009


Here is our back garden on Monday with what we had hoped would be a decent fall of snow.
Spot the difference!
Here's our back garden today!
We were disappointed with Monday's feeble effort which meant that both me and hubby had to go to work while half the country stayed at home but we got up this morning to a lovely carpet of white and a phone call to say our schools were closed..yay!!
More good news, my dentists is closed today too so I can't have my filling until Saturday - fingers crossed for more snow then, ha ha!!

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  1. Wow! I know what you mean about feeling cheated with the snow! I was expecting at least 6 foot today with all that was said on the news about South Wales getting hit last night! Looked out of the window this morning to a light 'dusting'!!! Hardly worth putting a coat on for :( Your garden looks fab white. Hope you've made a snowman by now :) Carol x


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