19 June 2011

Yummy Cupcakes!

I have so neglected my little blog and my followers over the last couple of months, really sorry.  We lost my lovely Mum in Law last month and I just haven't got round to adding to my blog.  I haven't been idle mind you, I've made loads of cards and other things so will try and add a few each week until I'm up to date.
Well here's today's offering.  We have had two new babies at work and I have made cards and cribs which I'll upload another day but in the meantime this is what I've been doing today.  I used 10 pairs of Mothercare socks which resulted in 5 cupcakes each. They are just rolled up with a flower in the top and plonked in a paper cake case - you can find how to on You tube.  I made the boxes, they're a bit rough but I was tired by the time I finished . They'll do for school tomorrow anyway.  I'll add the cards etc over the next week - I've still got loads to make!!
Catch you all later!! :)

The ribbon's squiffy 'cos the glitter on the flower was still wet at the time!


  1. Have just spotted these on your Docraft gallery & left you a comment. They are brilliant! A delightful gift.
    Sorry to hear about your MIL.
    Kaz xx

  2. Hi Sue - these are gorgeous! What a great idea - love them!

    So sorry to hear about your MiL - sending you all hugs xxxx

    Carol x


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