4 March 2011

World Book Day 2011 !!

 Me and Mr Twit at school!

It's that time of the year again when I have to bite the bullet and fish out a costume for World Book Day.  Being our school Librarian I just have to go in something good so.... this is this year's effort!  My gorgeous daughter just happened to have a crocodile suit (like you do) so here is:
The Enormous Crocodile (literally) - a great story for kids and grown-ups too!  Good job I've been trying to stick to my diet!  Now.... what shall I go as next year?!!!


  1. What a sport you are Sue - that's brilliant.

    Our school didn't do dressing up for World Book Day this year, I'm not sure why they didn't!!!! They gave out the book vouchers and had the books in to sell!

  2. Oh wow, you look fab......we should never underestimate the benefits of having crocodile costume kicking around at home, lol!

  3. Fab costume Sue - you look great!
    Helen x

  4. you look fab sue,we did dressing up again with the preschoolers but the school is combining theres with red nose day this time so i got away with just red hearts luckily,x

  5. fab costume Sue, wish you were a librarian when I was at school

  6. Hi Sue

    Thanks for popping by my blog and giving me the website for jgd crafts for the permanent adhesive for my Xyron - I've ordered from them - good value too and free p&p is brilliant.

  7. Great costume Sue.......was it 12 months ago we saw you as Harry Potter???

    (LOVE the socks!)

    Carol x


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