4 March 2010

Guess Who?

Hi all, it's that time of the year again, yes, World Book Day 2010. Doesn't seem a year since I was doing this last time. Well have you guessed yet - it involves chocolate!! I thought as I had a purple jacket and it meant I could have chocolate that I'd go as .... Willy Wonka .... this year! Quite easy to put together, hat, cane and sunglasses and a waistcoat from ebay for 99p (what a bargain, it's covered with pearls and beads!!) Anyway here I am in the staffroom at the start of the day when I had a 'whole' bar of chocolate (it got shared out at the end of the day with the kids!!) A great day though, all the staff dressed up again this year and the variety of kids costumes were amazing. Only sorry that I can't really put them on here. Now... ideas for next year anyone?!!! :)


  1. Woman, you are mad, bad, and dangerous to know! ROFWMK!! Sxxx

  2. love the costume! next year try the red or white queen!

  3. Killin myself laffin Squirrel, so true Sue, so true!!!


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