13 January 2010

Not a card!

This is the latest display I made for our school library entitled 'Hot Books for Cold Days'. Not my idea originally but I adapted it for us. I made the fire from an old cardboard box for a school production of Scrooge a few years ago and saved it as I thought it might come in handy again. I constructed a surround and mantlepiece around it from card, boxes and sugarpaper and added a paper rug! . Notice my favourite characters in a frame on the mantlepiece! I then tried to find red covered books and those about hot, fire etc in the library but seeing as we've just had an audit and lost around 300 books it was a bit of a search!! lol For Christmas I decorated it with tinsel and had 2 stockings hanging next to the fire. I wished that the fire worked for the last week or so, it's been jolly cold in school and I would have just loved to have curled up in front of it with a good book!! lol


  1. Great display Sue - well done :)

    A Wallace & Gromit fan then are you ;)

    Carol x

  2. It's great sue! I like the idea of it!

    Greetings karin

  3. Lindooooooooooooooooo.


    Bjotas sonoras.

  4. brilliant, what a great fire. how clever and creative :)

  5. Very creative, looks great!
    Kaz xx

  6. Brilliant Sue, i think kids need something like this to draw them in. Fab Display! Mand xxx


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