4 October 2009

My DC Friend 'Squirrel 10 ! '

This is my friend Squirrel deciding whether she should go to the 'Glitter Pot' and increase her craft stash or make a load of cards instead. She's really trying hard to take a craft buying break but that didn't stop her pinching my nuts this week!! Squirrel you know who you are!! (I'd go if it was me, Glitter Pot or 30 cards - no contest!!!) lol xx


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  1. Sue, you little devil! Now my disguise is blown completely! Just fabulous photos babe, simply brilliant. Am pleased to report that, weather dependant, Toad has talked me into a Glitter Pot visit - although I have no doubt I shall feel horribly guilty when I report back on what I've bought! Hugs, Nut-Munching-Squirrel xx


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