28 May 2009

Secret Visitor.

Well I have saved the best until last. Over the past two weeks we have had a special visitor in our garden. Last week we were looking out of our new doors when we observed this:
She spent ages washing and cleaning the little chap/chapess and they then settled down for a nap at the top of our lawn. The pics are a bit blurred as they were moving and I didn't want to disturb them. We have come to the conclusion that they may be living at the very top of our garden under a pile of cut branches from last year. We are loath to explore for fear of frightening her away from the cub. I'm wondering if the scraggy old fox we saw a month or so ago was Dad!
Well last night, lo and behold, the little one decided to explore right outside our patio doors.
This is the best photo yet, it was right outside the window last night!
It came again briefly tonight but went before I could snap it!
We've seen more wildlife in our city garden than we've seen for ages lately! How cute is he/she. We hope the Mum stays safe - any idea how long they take before they leave home as we really need to sort out the top of the garden this summer!


  1. Oh wow these piccys are gorgeous! You are so lucky to have visitors like this in your garden!

  2. What a privilege to share your garden with this little family. And well done for being quick on the shutter! Hope you get to see the little chap/chapess grow up


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